Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Wind Blows Gutter off of Roof

The owners of this home were surprised to come outside and see that part of their gutter had been blown off of their garage. Luckily, they had SERVPRO's phone number!

Fallen Tree Landed on Home

This tree fell due to a very windy storm. If you ever have this happen to you, call SERVPRO and we will make it look, "Like it never even happened."

Hail Damage to Roof

This home was hailed on hard. Each of those little yellow circles are showing where the damage is. In addition to the roof the gutters and siding were also damaged. 

Roof Damage

A hail storm damaged this home's roof. The shingles were dislodged, there was siding that was cracked and some was even removed from the building. Call SERVPRO if you have hail damage.

Hail Storm

After a hail storm some of this homes siding fell off. The homeowners called SERVPRO for help. We hurried over and took care of the issue and made it, "Like it never even happened."

Damaged Roof Gets Tarped

This roof had storm damage so the owners called SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids. We covered the holes in the roof with tarps so that the owners wouldn't have to worry about getting anything in their attic.