Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Fixing a Roof After a Tree Fell on it.

This Cedar Rapids, Iowa home suffered roof damage from a tree falling on it during a storm. The customer called SERVPRO to remove the tree and patch up the roof... READ MORE

Wind Damage to Roof

One windy day SERVPRO was given a call by a homeowner about some shingles being misplaced by the wind. When one of our estimators arrived, they climbed on to th... READ MORE

Windy Storm Causes Tree to Fall on Home

During a windy storm, a tree succumbed to the wind and fell over. Parts of the tree hit this home and caused damage. In the morning, the family called SERVPRO t... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Commercial Roof

A roof of a storage container was damaged in a storm by the wind. The commercial group was quick to call SERVPRO for help. When we got there we assessed the dam... READ MORE

Fallen Tree Removal

A customer called us after a windy storm blew a tree onto their home. SERVPRO came to the rescue and removed the tree. After removing the tree we patched up the... READ MORE

Windy Storm Causes Roof Damage

A mixture of wind and rain blew hard enough for the singles of this roof to be pulled up in a recent storm. To prevent any further interior damage, SERVPRO came... READ MORE